Extension of a deep-frozen and cold storage

Client: EGV Lebensmittel für Großverbraucher AG
Place: Eberswalde
Construction period: 2019/2020
Services: Planning and construction supervision as a general planner (HOAI* planning phases 1-9)

Short description:
The new building of 2.200 m² extended the existing place for the EGV AG in Eberswalde, thereof on 725 m² an area of deep-frozen storage.
Because of the higher construction of the storage towards the existing building implemented more picking workstations and more stock of provisions.
The 700 m² plus cold storage (+4°C) for fresh products is combined with the 500 m² also cooled outgoing goods storage.
On the upper Floor on 500 m² were other social facilities environment for industrial employees, offices and new conference rooms planned and built.

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